Why Hire A-Throne

Whether you need portable toilets, executive trailers, or temporary fencing, A-Throne should be your first option if you’re based in the Southern California area. Any company can claim they’re the best, A-Throne has the industry experience and countless positive experiences with clients to back it up.

A-Throne has the best portable toilets. A-Throne has a great selection of toilet types— from small porta-potties, to spacious portable restrooms with a working hand washing sink. You’ll be able to choose the toilets that will work best for your purposes.

A-Throne has a variety of executive trailers. If you’re hosting a special event like a wedding, an executive trailer can be perfect. For example, our 24 ft. custom trailer has separate sides for males and females, holding toilets, urinals (on the men’s side), motion sensor sink, and stainless steel dispensers.

A-Throne can help you in different ways. If you need a security barrier for a special event or construction site, we have temporary fencing that can be easily assembled and transported to different locations. If you have a wedding, we provide spacious trailers for your guests. If you have a film production, we can provide the porta-potties and trailers needed for your film set. A-Throne is a no-brainer if you need to rent toilets or barriers for any kind of event.

Do you want to inquire about our selection of portable toilets, executive trailers, or security barriers? Contact us today to learn more.

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