Why You Need a Hand Sanitizer Station for Construction Sites

COVID-19 has turned our lives upside-down. Hygiene is non-negotiable in this day and age, and if you have a construction site, you must provide some means of sanitization.

OSHA requires construction sites to have at least one handwashing station for every 20 employees. Here are a few requirements for the handwashing area:

  • It must be sanitary at all times

  • It must have sufficient water

  • It must have a readily available supply of soap

  • It must have an available supply of single-use towels or an air dryer

  • It must be readily available when someone uses the restroom

A handwashing station from A-Throne meets all the criteria. We recommend renting a handwashing station from A-Throne for a few reasons.

Promote good hygiene on the worksite. Having immediate access to a hand sanitization area will reduce germs in the workplace, create a culture of cleanliness, and help you remain OSHA-compliant.

You’ll be considered a safe place to work. In the times we live, the hygiene of your worksite is something that matters to employees. By promoting strong hygiene, you can attract good employees and have a much better chance of retaining those employees.

You’re telling your employees that you care deeply about their health. Our handwashing stations are everything your worksite needs, as it has running water, soap, and towel dispensers. Contact us today to learn more about our portable hand sanitizing stations.

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