Portable Restrooms for Backyard Parties

Backyard parties can offer a bunch of fun, but they can be logistically difficult due to one problem: Where will everyone use the restroom? You may not want people coming in and out of the home, especially since they’re coming from the outdoors (they can easily dirty the home in the process). What happens if you have a high amount of guests, but only one available bathroom in the house? The most convenient option for backyard party-throwers is the use of portable restrooms in the outdoor area.

Renting your portable restroom allows you to solve these issues for your backyard party.

Tips for renting portable restrooms

Think about where you’re going to place the unit. You want it close enough for attendants to access it, but not so close that it disturbs the ambiance of the party.

Schedule the unit at least several hours before the event. This is to prevent party-goers to see the unit being installed, and it also allows you to fully prepare for the event.

Think about how many portable restrooms you’ll need. If you’re going to have 50+ people at your backyard party, you may need to consider having multiple portable restrooms to fully accommodate your guests.

Summer is in full swing, and if you’re hosting a backyard party, having a few portable restrooms is always a smart choice. Contact us today to reserve a portable restroom for your backyard party or event.

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