COVID-19 Handwashing Stations Los Angeles

As Los Angeles County continues to adjust to post-Corona life, the need for proper sanitization is greater than ever. You expect the local government to require businesses to follow strict sanitary guidelines, and you will definitely need to have accessible handwashing areas for employees and customers.

A-Throne supplies handwashing stations that are fully equipped with running water and soap dispensers. These stations are incredibly practical, as they can be transported to different locations. If you need to move your station to a different area of the business, you’ll be able to do so.

If you have a high volume of people entering and exiting your business, having a handwashing station that’s easily accessible will be non-negotiable over the next year as society adjusts to new ways of life. Business owners will be tasked with the increased requirements to keep things clean and their clientele and employees safe. Stocking your place of business with sufficient handwashing units is one way to keep your customers and employees safe as LA county works to reopen the economy.

When you need handwashing stations in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, A-Throne is the clear choice. We’ve been supplying Los Angeles businesses with handwashing stations long before the COVID-19 crisis. Contact us today to inquire about our handwashing units.

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