Hand Washing Stations in Los Angeles

Hand washing stations in Los Angeles are more important than ever as we endure the COVID-19 crisis. Practicing proper hand hygiene is non-negotiable during this time.

Hand washing stations are portable. This is great if you need to move your station to another location or to another area on your worksite. For example, a portable hand washing station can be transported by crane to a higher level on a construction site. Another example: you can transport your hand washing station from one physical location to another, as needed.

Hand washing stations include a soap and towel dispenser. One of the major concerns people have when renting hand washing stations is if the station will be able to dispense soap and paper towels. The hand washing stations that we offer come equipped with fully functional soap and towel dispensers.

Hand washing stations are perfect for a variety of businesses. As we experience this crisis, hygiene will play an important role in businesses. Whether you’re a restaurant, own a retail store, or own a business where people come in and out, a hand washing station will be a necessity.

Do you need a hand washing station in Los Angeles? Contact A-Throne today to learn how you can rent a hand washing station.

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