Hand Washing Stations in Orange County

If you need an Orange County hand washing station rental company, A-Throne is here to help. The country has been hit with a devastating pandemic, and the importance of personal hygiene is more crucial than ever. Whether you run a worksite that doesn’t have immediate access to bathrooms, or you simply want to place additional handwashing stations at your business, a handwashing station from A-Throne can keep you and your employees germ-free.

A hand washing station is great for construction workers. As many construction sites are still operating, the need for workers to keep their hands clean is more clear than ever. Hand washing stations will help workers feel comfortable while on the job.

Hand washing stations are great for retail locations. A hand washing station offers a more thorough cleaning option that the use of hand sanitizers. If you own a store, you can place a hand washing station directly by the entrance so that your customers and employees can easily wash their hands.

Hand washing stations are great for just about any business that’s open during the COVID-19 crisis. For example, businesses like restaurants and grocery stores can benefit from an easily accessible hand washing station, as many people will be coming in and out their doors.

A-Throne is here to help businesses exercise cautious hand hygiene during this time. Contact us today to learn how you can rent a hand washing station in Orange County.

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