Orange County Portable Toilets

If you’re in need of portable toilets in Orange County, it’s important you choose a company that can supply clean and fully functional portable toilets. A-Throne has a complete fleet of amazing portable toilets that are suitable for a variety of occasions, from outdoor events to construction worksites.

If you’re going to rent porta potties for your worksite or event, we suggest following these tips.

Rent enough portable toilets. One of the main issues at an event or worksite is a lack of available bathrooms. The last thing you want is an obscenely long line to use the restroom, so we recommend renting enough toilets to accommodate all your guests. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so having one portable toilet too many will not be a bad thing.

Provide handwashing stations. Guests often spend more time in a portable toilet when they cannot wash their hands— because they’ll be careful not to touch anything, which slows down their time of use. It’s imperative that you have some type of handwashing station to keep things hygienic and moving smoothly. Consider hand washers like these, which are available on our website.

Keep it clean. Keep things as hygienic as possible to keep your guests comfortable. This is especially necessary if you’re coordinating a multi-day event for which you’ll be keeping the same portable toilets on the premises. Be sure to periodically clean the toilets every few hours, as doing so will help your guests hold a positive impression of your event.

When you’re in need of quality portable toilets in Orange County, CA, there is no better choice than A-Throne.

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