Temp Fencing Los Angeles

It can be difficult to find excellent temp fencing in Los Angeles, CA. Whether you need it for your worksite as a security barrier, or you need it for your event as a layer of privacy, A-Throne has exactly the type of temporary fencing you need.

Temp fencing provides theft prevention. When you need a security barrier to protect your equipment, a temp fence can be exactly what you need.

Crowd control. During events, you may need to control the amount of people who have access to certain areas. This can be extremely difficult if you don’t have a barrier. You can make things much easier for your security guards if you have a simple fence structure installed at the entrance and exit of the event.

Privacy. Whether it’s for your worksite or for your event, you need privacy. At A-Throne, we provide windscreens that block the view from the outside. This is great if you have an exclusive event, a film production, or a worksite that you want to keep private.

If you’re looking for temp fencing in Los Angeles, CA, A-Throne is the clear option. With a complete roster of temporary fences, you can have the privacy or security you need. We offer affordable prices, excellent installation, and timely service. Contact us today if you want to learn more.

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