The Uses of Portable Toilets

A-Throne is a preferred supplier of portable restrooms in Los Angeles. Our portable toilets (often called porta-potties), are ideal in a number of situations. They’re incredibly convenient, easy to put in place, are very affordable, and are perfect whether you have an outdoor event, or you have an outdoor work site.

Let’s discuss some of the common uses for a portable toilet.

Movie Sets

If your film is shooting in a remote location, you’ll need some portable restrooms for your staff and crew. You may not have any adequate sanitation areas on the premises, so a portable toilet from our selection can keep your crew happy and comfortable.

Construction Sites

When you have portable restrooms on your construction site, you accommodate your workers by providing convenient access to sanitation. At a construction site, there may not be a bathroom on premises. You can easily provide your workers with clean restrooms that they’ll have immediate access to.

Real Estate Open Houses

If you’re a realtor or a home developer that’s hosting an open house, you may want to keep the home’s bathrooms sanitized, or the utilities may not be turned on, so your best option may be to provide portable restrooms that guests can use.

There are so many uses for portable restrooms in Los Angeles. At A-Throne, our selection of portable restrooms is expansive— from simple porta-potties to spacious units with a working sink. Check out our selection of portable restrooms today.

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