Benefits of Deluxe Outdoor Restrooms For Your Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly, and it’s a time when family gets together to share, enjoy each other’s company, and eat the largest meal of the year. In Southern California, it’s common to hold your Thanksgiving Party in the backyard— especially if you have a lot of guests. We recommend having our deluxe outdoor bathrooms to make the party a bit more convenient for guests.

Why? You may not want guests going in and out of the home, and you may want to keep the evening mostly outdoors. A deluxe outdoor bathroom can be especially useful if there are people you don’t know too well at the party, as you may not want people you’re not familiar with constantly entering and leaving the home.

Your indoor bathrooms may be consistently full if you have a high number of guests. When you have a high number of people at the party, you want to have an open bathroom to make things convenient for your guests.

Plus, having outdoor bathrooms makes it really feel like a party experience. It’ll keep thi

ngs outdoors, will make it easy for your guests to find and use the bathroom, and it’s a simple addition to the party that can make things so much better.

At A-Throne, you’ll find our deluxe outdoor bathrooms. Some of our units are wheelchair accessible, have a mirror, and contain a sink to wash your hands. These units are made for outdoor events, and they can be perfect for your Thanksgiving gathering.

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