What You Should Know About Portable Toilets

Are you hosting an event where you’ll need a portable toilet? If so, A-Throne is the Orange County supplier and installer of portable toilets you need. We’ve installed toilets in many types of events over the years, and we’ve accumulated some advice you should have before your event.

Consider the type of portable toilet needed for your event. Many people make the mistake of going for the smallest or cheapest toilet available, without really considering what the event will need. At A-Throne, we have a wide range of portable toilets available— many of them being at very affordable price points. We encourage you to look at our selection to view your range of options.

Make sure you plan ahead. A shortage of toilets can be a huge problem for your event. Unfortunately it’s very common for event planners to misjudge how many toilets they’ll need at their events, leading to some unhappy guests. Instead, figure out how many guests you’ll have and plan accordingly.

Understand how the portable toilet company can help you before, during, and after the event. Depending on the amount of people at your event, you may need your toilets cleaned and restocked during the event. You will need to know how the portable toilet company will help with this, if they work around the clock, etc. A-Throne is an Orange County portable toilet company that works around the clock to make sure you’re taken care of. Contact us today to learn more.

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