FAQ On Portable Toilets

Because we supply portable toilets in the Orange County and Inland Empire areas (places with a high volume of outdoor events), we’ve ran into many of the same questions about our toilets. In today’s post, we’re going to give answers to these frequently asked questions.

1. Does a portable need to be hooked up to plumbing?

No, it doesn’t. Our toilets have a waste disposal system that works independently. When someone flushes, the waste is not delivered to a sewer, but rather a holding tank underneath. The tank (which is just under the toilet seat) holds all waste. This is one of the reasons why a portable toilet is so practical— it can be set up and used just about anywhere.

2. Where should a portable toilet be placed?

Portable toilets can be put just about anywhere, but we have some recommendations for where they should be placed.

  • Solid, level ground

  • Away from where people are gathering (but not too far)

  • An area that’s well lit.

3. How does a portable toilet get serviced?

Portable toilets must be serviced if they’re to function properly. When we service our toilets, we:

  • Remove any waste from the holding tank

  • Scrub and clean the entire unit

  • Replace the toilet paper

  • Check for any damage

4. How often should a portable toilet be serviced?

It depends on how much the toilet is being used. If you’re holding the toilet for multiple days, and the toilet is being used heavily, it may need to be serviced daily. In many cases, however, the toilet can be serviced less frequently— once a week is common.

5. How do I order portable toilets for my event or business?

Check out our page. Contact us if you have questions. We supply toilets for outdoor events, construction sites, warehouses, nurseries, and more. When you select A-Throne, you can be completely confident that you’ll receive functional, high-performing toilets to fit your needs.

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