Best Uses For Portable Toilets

A portable toilet can be indispensable for an outdoor event. Guests need to use the bathroom, and sometimes a working toilet can’t be found on the premises. In today’s post, we’re going to review the type of events where portable toilets can definitely be used let’s get to it.

Sporting events: Let’s say you’re hosting a charity softball game. The park where you’re going to play has a notoriously poor bathroom. If you want your attendants to feel comfortable and have a pleasurable experience, then you shouldn’t hesitate to reserve a few portable toilets.

Music fests: Both the Orange County and Inland Empire areas are known for hosting a high amount of music festivals. With this type of event, you have a high volume of guests, and you’ll need working portable toilets that are deodorized, fully functional, and having a working hand-washing system.

Barbeques: The Californian summer season is in full swing, and with it comes tons of outdoor fun. People commonly rent outdoor spot in their local area to host large barbeques, and if this is in your plans, you should definitely consider how attendees are going to use the restroom. A simple porta potty or two will make your barbeque go off without a cinch.

You need portable toilets if you’re hosting events in Orange County or Inland Empire. A-Throne is the preferred supplier of portable toilets for event holders in the area. View our roster of toilets and equipment today.

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