Does Your Construction Site Need Portable Toilets?

Every work-site needs a bathroom for the workers. The problem is that construction sites often don’t come with functional bathrooms.

The solution is a portable toilet. A-Throne has supplied portable toilets for many Orange County construction sites, so we’re well acquainted with the reasons why every construction site should be stocked with our type of toilets.

Portable toilets can move with you. Portable toilets are mobile, which is great if you need to move the toilets to one part of the site to another.

Portable toilets are convenient. Without them, your workers will need to venture off the construction site, which reduces the time they can spend working, and also causes frustration among the workers. If they’re forced to venture offsite, there will be times when they’ll need to hold their bladder, which obviously isn’t ideal.

Respect your clients. There may be cases where your construction site has running water and working toilets, but that doesn’t mean your client will feel comfortable with your employees using the facilities. By having your own portable toilets on the premises, you respect the privacy of your client.

Follow OSHA regulations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates that employers provide a working restroom to their employees. Specifically, if the site’s sewer line is shut off for 72 hours or more, portable toilets must be provided. If you don’t provide them, you’re breaking regulations, which puts your business at risk.

With the reasons we’ve listed, having portable toilets on your worksite is a no-brainer. Make the easy choice and rent the portable toilets in Orange County and Inland Empire from A-Throne.

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