Does Your Warehouse Need Portable Toilets?


With portable toilets, you can have working restrooms wherever you need them. This includes warehouses and worksites— places that need functional toilets, but don’t often have the need to install permanent bathrooms in their facilities.

If you own a warehouse, a portable toilet is a good compromise between having a flexible and permanent solution for your workers. Traditional bathroom construction is time-consuming and costly, and you may just not have the space to install the actual bathroom fixtures.

The portable toilet is the best alternative. The beauty of having portable toilets for your warehouse is that you can easily move them to different work sites.

If you need portable toilets in Orange County, A-Throne can help. We have a wide assortment of portable toilets to fit your needs. Our thrones are very safe and hygienic, as they have large sumps and tanks that allow waste to remain below the deodorizer liquid-- hiding the sight of the waste and taming the odor. At A-Throne, we stock portable restrooms that have running water and hand washing systems-- making it extremely comfortable for your workers to use the bathroom. Contact A-Throne today to equip your warehouse with portable toilets and restrooms. EndFragment

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