What Are The Top Reasons to Use Portable Toilets?

Because we supply portable toilets in Orange County and Inland Empire, we have seen the many ways our toilets were useful. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss why one would use our porta potties.

They’re cost-effective. Renting a portable toilet can be the smart economic choice. Installing actual bathroom fixtures is a no-go in most situations where you hold some sort of event outdoors, so a porta potty will likely be your only choice. But even when there is a bathroom on premises, a porta potty can still be the best economic option. Existing bathrooms can have major plumbing issues that can become costly to fix, and if you’re only in need of the bathroom for a day, it doesn’t quite make economic sense to dish out a huge payment to a plumber for the repairs.

They’re necessary for construction sites. If you’re the owner of a construction site, you shouldn’t hesitate to place portable toilets on your work site. Actual bathrooms are sparse when working outdoors, and if your employees cannot relieve themselves, they’re going to be pretty frustrated while on the job.

They’re great for nurseries. When children have to go, they have to go, so you need to have an accessible bathroom for them while they’re playing outdoors. We’ve supplied our portable toilets to multiple nurseries, and they all acknowledged how much of a relief it is to have a bathroom their children could easily and comfortably use.

Are you looking for a portable toilet company in Orange County or Inland Empire? A-Throne can supply with everything you need— from porta potties to complete hand washing systems. Contact us today to learn more.

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