Do You Have Enough Toilets for Your Event?

The spring season is here, and with it comes more events parties, and festivals. We understand that planning an event can be tiresome. There are many things to account for, and having a working restroom on the premises is a chief concern.

Outside events are known to commonly have non-functioning, poorly made portable restrooms. A-Throne offers a different experience. We specialize in providing portable toilets for local events.

When we’re called to supply restrooms, we ensure that they’re correctly installed, have running water, and are properly serviced. With over 20 different portable restrooms to choose from, your event will have what it needs to ensure that guests are comfortable.

Whether you need portable restrooms, temporary fencing, or hand washing systems, we can accommodate you. Your local event is not complete without functioning portable toilets. If you need portable toilets for your event in Orange County or the Inland Empire, contact A-Throne today.

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