First Hand Account of A-Throne's Accommodations

Here is a emailed review from a pleased civilian:

"Hello A-Throne, I wanted to inform you of an encounter I recently had with your products. Christmas time is a very busy season, and as most southern Californians do, I went to the Mission Inn to look at the Festival of Lights. The night consisted of sitting in traffic, fighting for parking, and being herded like cattle across the streets. As the night progressed, I quickly realized that I would be needing to use a use the facilities. Let’s be real, walking around with a very large crowd of people and realizing you need to use a port-a-potty is not something to look forward to. As I started my search for a restroom, I did not need to look hard or go far, there were so many signs pointing me in the right direction. As I got closer, I noticed A-Throne’s logo and thought no way, in Riverside! That's far from Long Beach. It was by far the best experience I have had, the restrooms were very clean, lit well, hand washing facilities were easy to use and had plenty of supplies. Thank you A-Throne for standing behind your mission statement, and making your customers happy, I appreciate it. "

If you’re considering hosting an event and in need of a portable restroom, Let A-Throne be your

first call.

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