Knowing Portable Restroom Demand

For some people organizing a party is entertaining and for others it's completely a

headache, either way, keeping your guests happy and engaged is what we all

aim for. Often, things such as number of drinks and meals are usually considered first but

do you know how many portable toilets needed when having a private party?

Evidently, the most important factor to consider is the number of people that you are

inviting. The average time that people use a restroom is once every 3-4 hours and the

number of people per restroom should be no more than 50 per toilet. Therefore, if you

are having 50 guests then you will need one portable toilet and if you have a hundred

then you will need two and so on.

Another factor to consider is alcohol since this will make people visit the restroom more

often than usual. People who drink tend to urinate 30 to 40 percent more often than

people who don’t. Therefore, if you are having around 80 people in your list who are drinking

alcoholic drinks then consider adding at least one extra toilet to cover the demand.

All factors listed above have to be noted to avoid inconvenient situations when you’re

having your private party in an outdoor area with no access to permanent facilities. And

even if you having it indoor but do not have enough bathrooms then considering some

portables toilets is the best way to go. Feel free to call us for more detail information or

visit our site to see all available designs that we can provide.

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